We are Agile, Focussed and Value Relationships

At Codenatics we strive in all aspects to focus on building positive, long-term relationships with our customers. We are selective and highly motivated to create the best applications in Africa and Abroad that are disruptive, innovative, and will bring actual value to users. We do this by:

  • Taking equity and playing a key role in our Clients Projects/Company
  • By doing this we hold control over the Intellectual Property of the technology and ensure the client life cycle does not end when the project comes to an end.
  • We build further relationships by incorporating multiple applications to help grow and expand.

We are selective in projects and do not take on a project that:

  • Has no clear vision or successful business strategy;
  • Where the project life cycle will end (a Once off Project); and
  • Does not solve a Real-World problem or is a clone of an already existing solution.

All our Client projects must fit the key strategic drivers of Codenatics which are:

  • To develop software technology and applications in the key focus areas;
  • To develop software technology that are unique and which the company can own and control the IP off;
  • To develop software technology that can ensure not only engineering development income but also long term annuity income, through transaction fees, service fees, membership fees and such like; and
  • Allow Codenatics to take an equity stake in the business generated from the Software technology it develop.