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Orbiko Solutions Limited: Financial Innovation In A Single Application


Orbiko Solutions Limited elegantly marries the age-old charm of gold with the cutting-edge blockchain technology of today. Through the introduction of the OSGT stablecoin, it paves the way for a wider audience to delve into the gold market, merging the tangible world of precious metals with the vastness of the digital realm.

Project Scope:

  1. Gold-backed Digital Asset Creation:
    • Development of the Orbiko Solutions Gold Token (OSGT) which corresponds to one gram of 99.99% pure gold.
    • Establishing a seamless system for physical gold delivery upon OSGT holder’s request.
  2. Trust & Affordability:
    • Democratizing access to gold, traditionally viewed as an asset for the affluent.
    • Ensuring each OSGT is fully backed by LBMA-certified gold, stored securely, and audited by third parties.
  3. Technical Superiority & Rapid Transactions:
    • Implementing Stellar’s ISO 20022 Certified Blockchain for the efficient minting of OSGT.
    • Aiming for lightning-fast transactions with confirmation times under 5 seconds.
  4. Regulatory & Security Compliance:
    • Full compliance with the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and UK regulatory frameworks.
    • Adherence to data management practices in line with the ISO 27001 certification.

Technology Stack:

  • Tech Base: MEAN stack
  • Hosting: Digital Ocean
  • Blockchain: Stellar

Our Journey with Orbiko:

From conceptualization to realization, our collaboration with Orbiko Solutions Limited has been a tapestry of challenges, innovations, and triumphs. We embarked on a mission to revolutionize the gold investment landscape. Along the way, we:

  • Vision Alignment: Established a shared vision of democratizing gold investment and bridging the traditional with the digital.
  • Technical Implementation: Seamlessly integrated the MEAN stack with Stellar’s blockchain, ensuring a robust and agile system that could handle high transaction volumes and provide instantaneous confirmations.
  • Regulatory Navigation: Worked diligently with Orbiko to ensure compliance with international standards, providing a foundation of trust for users.
  • Continued Evolution: We remain committed to our journey with Orbiko, looking forward to further enhancements, optimizations, and innovations in the ever-evolving landscape of gold-backed digital assets.